Logo and Brand Development.

Logo and Brand Development

Form to collect necessary information to create a logo or brand development
  • Contact Information

  • About Your Business

  • Start with a simple, one or two sentence description of your company. What do you do? Try to make your answer as short and concise as you can.
  • List your competition here. You don’t need to include everyone you might be competing with, but at least include your top three competitors.
  • When explaining your brand values, it might help to think of different value spectrums, such as: modern vs classic, fun vs sophisticated, young vs mature or economical vs luxurious.
  • Look and Feel

    The look and feel of a logo is the designer’s bread and butter. Communicating some basic design preferences will allow us to create a logo that perfectly fits your needs. Some basic logo design principles:
    Do you prefer a logo with a clean, minimalist feel? Or do you prefer a complex design with a variety of colour and text flares? For example, many legal firms may prefer a straight-forward minimal design. On the other hand, a logo design for a music festival might be a lot more complex.
    Some companies prefer logos that have a classic feel. A classic logo might feature elements of vintage or retro advertising design principles, such as bold text and stencil art. A modern design often features a cleaner, leaner style.
    Choosing an appropriate tone is an important part of the design process. A playful logo is inappropriate for some businesses, such as funeral homes. A playful logo would likely turn potential clients away. On the other hand, the logo for a child’s daycare centre might opt for a much more playful design.
    Very loud logos slap people in the face with colour and form. Subtle logos are quieter and softer. This does not mean that subtle logos are less effective. Depending on your business, a more subtle logo can be more appropriate.
  • Set on particular colours? List them here. Your suggestions can be as general as “blue and black”, or for a more specific suggestion you can include images containing examples of specific colour values you’re seeking. If you want to leave this to the designer that is totally ok as well!
  • Timing/Budget/Other elements

  • When do you need the project completed by?
  • Apart from your logo, do you require other collateral such as; business cards, company letterhead, invoice template, brand guide, powerpoint presentation. List everything you require.
  • Please give us a sense of your budget. If this is difficult, please provide an acceptable price range.