Wix vs WordPress for SEO?

Is WordPress SEO better than WIX

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Recipe For Online Marketing Success

You will need to start with an in-house supporter who believes that online marketing is here to stay and that the company needs to be available online.

Find a good, no, find a great external specialist to put your ideas and objectives in to a (at the very least) 12-month strategy plan. Break this down in to quarters (not the American kind) and produce a three-monthly action and marketing plan.

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Life like calls unbelievably real!

It seems that the pace of AI is moving so fast that even booking an appointment to get a haircut can be done by a …

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Tracking your opened emails: an email marketing essential

Tracking the road to success for your business involves many factors, and tracking as many factors as possible is a good thing. As there are many tools you can use to track how many visitors are coming to your site, just like how Google Analytics works, there is also another tool to track your site’s traffic that gives you a comprehensive read on which channels are sending the most traffic and which content of your site is performing best. This tool is what we call Email Tracking.

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Top 5 reasons why your business needs to be on LinkedIn

Although many people view the social media site LinkedIn only as a site for job hunters and for growing your professional network, LinkedIn is an equally effective tool for generating new business leads and nurturing referral relationships. What started out as a social media site for professionals has now expanded to include business pages and content sharing. Here are 5 reasons why LinkedIn is good for your business.

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Benefits of adding video to your website

Bringing in customers to your website is a crucial thing to make your business a success. As we all know, there is huge competition out there. And one way to get noticed is to think out-of-the-box. While not all are gifted in coming up with creative ways to get noticed, uploading custom videos to your website is one easy way to get people to notice your brand. Here are some of the benefits of maximising custom videos for promotions:

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