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Your logo is one of your most important brand assets.

The AMPM studio provides logo animation services for a range of clients
from small businesses to the large companies!

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Why would you animate your logo?

Logo animation is perfect for: Digital marketing, social network advertising, website design, UI development, APP splash screen, video production, email signature, and much more…

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Logo Animation

There are a number of very good reasons to animate your logo.

It raises brand awareness in a unique way

The key reason for creating your logo it to create brand awareness. With your logo animated you are creating a more memorable experience with your target audience. For example with the clever use of animation your brand comes to life with motion, sound and colour. More importantly, it will create an impression in your customer's mind which increase your brand awareness.

Your brand consistency continues with movement

It will if created properly be an extension of your brand consistency. So those brand assets already created can have this added as an outro or into to ensure you enter with a great impression and leave them with a memorable exit.

It’s inexpensive

If you have presentations that perhaps need that wow factor this may a cost-effective way of revitalising them. It has no limitation on the times and places it can be used.

Build It For My Business

As you know video is king these days, so adding something that can spice up your promotional videos or any digital presentation or online makes sense, right?


Your logo is one of your most important brand assets

It is your brand identity and makes you recognised whether offline or online.

Work Of Art

It can be used in so many places

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