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 Everything you need to keep your website up and running!

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$59 / month*

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As low as

$59 / month


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$119 / month


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Web Maintenance

What Do You Get?

Daily backup of site, kept for 30 days with quick restore function available.

Updates to WordPress core, plugins and theme done regularly.

Hack and Malware prevention and recovery  for your site.

Security systems and firewalls to protect your website.

Firewall to protect your website from hacks and malware.

AI activity monitor to detect any suspicious activities on your site.

Optimised for speed so that your site loads at the best possible speed.

Auto Image compression will compress all images without losing quality.

Google analytics to track visitors and activity on your website.

Artificial Intelligence Powered WordPress Maintenance

A 360 solution for WordPress Websites.

Regularly updates, world class security for your website protection, with dual on site and offsite backups to make sure your website is always at its best. 

Free Site Scan

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AI Powered Security to keep your website safe.

Backups - Dual daily backups with on demand restore.

Updates for core technology and plugins done regularly.

Optimisation done regularly to keep everything running perfect.

Need Help? We Got You.

Keep your website fresh and in top-working condition!

PErfect Security Solution

Rock Solid Security

Web Application Firewall

Secure your website with state-of-the-art security firewall.

A.I. Monitoring

Monitor and update the software as soon as vulnerabilities are detected.

Malware Scan

Scan your website, detect and delete malware and other malicious code.

Real Time Threat Defense Feed

Continuously analyse threats and developing new protection.


Regular Backups!

We know how critical your website is to your business which is why we take daily backups and store them in 2 locations. In case there is a need for recovery we can quickly return the website to how it was. A daily backup of your site will be kept for the last 30 days, providing quick restoration and less downtime. 

Also for mission critical websites with regular or daily updates our system also creates backups of the site every time it detects a change to the website. 


Regular Updates

Always Up To Date

We update the WordPress core, themes and plugins to make sure all security threats are patched, any bugs are ironed out, and new features are added with the update. We conduct regular security audits and backup your website on a regular basis.

Technical Specifications

Everything To Keep Your Site Growing

Need Help? We Got You.

Keep your website fresh and in top-working condition!​