Wix vs WordPress for SEO?

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Is Wordpress SEO better than WIX
This doesn’t tell the whole story!

6.4 Millions Websites Reviewed

Here are some Key numbers to consider when making your decision:


The sample range tested was 6.4 million websites, 3.2 Million each of Wix and WordPress.


Amazingly the 98.6% of Wix sites don’t get organic traffic and of those websites with organic traffic get more than 100 visits per month. Based on this information alone you would not be surprised to feel that Wix is for no one who wants to be found online.



But that's not the whole story 

For those of us who like to watch the Video?

In this video you will get more details on the great research done to compare Wix and WordPress from an SEO perspective.

Click to see the full article here 

So what's the verdict?

As always, there is more to anything if you did deep enough

The research found that it’s not as simple as the platform that you build your website on that determines how well you rank on Search Engines. In addition there are many more factors that would help you decide which website builder platform is right for you. 

“To reiterate, it’s impossible to say if either of these platforms is “better” from an organic traffic perspective than the other.”


Terry Ottow

Terry Ottow

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